Monday, February 13, 2012

Garnish Like a Pro

I made my crock pot Enchilada Soup again today because I love it so much, but I wanted to amp it up a little with some garnish. I am slowly learning how to garnish and decorate food. "TRYING" to enjoy it. My husband really enjoys it when it looks as pretty as it tastes. I adapted this idea from apples and butter It turned out really cute! If you have a large biscuit cutter or a round garnish mold (I would recommend buying I use mine almost every day), you can garnish like a pro. Here is how I did this one:
Slice an avocado Using a mandoline -or-patiently slicing with a knife very thin.
Be sure to spray the mold with non-stick spray and then Place the thin slices of avocado in overlapping layers around the ring mold as pictured below.
Dice up the vegetables you want in the center. I used Cilantro, Tomatoes, Sweet onion and Jalapeno because those are the flavors that go with enchilada soup. I toss it all together with a little salt and pepper. 
Gently spoon the vegetable salad into the avocado ring.
Top with sour cream and a little cilantro.
Pour in the soup.
Remove the ring slowly to make sure the salad is holding its shape.
I sprinkled with a little cheese. 
Tada! Looks like it is professional!
Romantic Tip:
Create a romantic atmosphere with special lighting, candles, and essential oils. Make him feel pampered and it will make him want to have that special time together. I like to lay a comfy quilt on the floor and outline the edges with tea lights. Turn all the lights off and have a candle lit picnic. Make sure to have a silky soft nighty. He won't be able to keep his eyes and hands off you!
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