Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Sometimes simple wins the race. I love to pamper my man with many gourmet meals. However, sometimes my passion for that, takes time away from our relationship. Sometimes you need to just get out and let someone else do the work so you can focus on your partner. That is what we did today. Have you heard of Panera's You-Pick-Two combo? You get a soup and sandwich, or a salad and sandwich, or a salad and soup... YOU PICK!  So my husband and I hopped over to Panera and had a nice quiet lunch with no work at all. My husband got the steak and gorganzola salad with a french onion soup. 
I got the caesar salad with a chicken and wild rice soup. 
The portions are really large! It was nice to spend some time together without knowing there are dishes to be done!  
Romantic Tip: Take time out to enjoy each other. A day off from all duties can be very rewarding. 

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