Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Recipe and Romance Round-up

Another week has come and gone. March is almost over, can you believe it? For me it has flown by. Here is to another great week of cooking and romance!

Weekly Recipe and Romance Round-up:

Romantic Tip: Spend a few minutes daydreaming about your love and the romantic things you want to do together.

Romantic Tip: Leave a Polaroid of yourself in his briefcase or car. What you're wearing (or not wearing) is up to you!

Romantic Tip: Take your love dancing and ask the DJ to dedicate a slow romantic song to your love from you. Then dance the night away. Or, call in to the radio station to dedicate a special love song to your love.

Romantic Tip: Each of you make a list of romantic fantasies to share during a upcoming romantic evening.Make a plan to fulfill one of the fantasies on the list within one week. 

Romantic tip: Splurge on some new, sexy lingerie and come out wearing it confidently. 

Romantic Tip: Turn off the lights and light as many candles as you can for dinner. the air of romance will be so thick, your love will be blind to anything else but the radiance of your love.

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