Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Recipe For Romance Round-up

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and is enjoying the weekend! It is so beautiful here in San Diego! My husband and I went for a long walk today hand in hand. What are you going to do with your hunny? 
Below is this weeks Romance and Recipe Round-up to help you with your love life and tummy cravings this week. Enjoy! 

Romantic Tip: Create a romantic slideshow using old photos of you and your love. Sort pictures by years and events starting from when you first met until present. Add some romantic music then set a date for both of you to enjoy.
Romantic Tip: Serve some chocolate after dinner and make tonight's dessert incredibly romantic.
Romantic Tip: Slip a love note in your love's pants or coat pocket.

Romantic Tip: Fill a scrapbook with souvenirs and special mementos of your times together, such as concert ticket stubs, a napkin from a restaurant where you had a special evening together, romantic photos, etc.
Romantic Tip: At night, lay a blanket on the grass and star gaze together. Make a wish on a shooting star.

Romantic Tip: Have a picnic. Bring all your favorite seasonal fruits and yogurt to dip them in. When you’re done, lay back and watch the clouds go by together.

Have a great week!

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